dearzindagi-poster-1DEAR ZINDAGI

Gauri Shinde is back with a new concept of Psychology treatmentvie is  with a hint of stardom as it stars SRK and Aliya Bhatt. The movie revolves around Shayna (Aaliya Bhatt) who is suffering from mental depression due to her parents. She hates to visit her parents and is suffering from switch over relationships that creates Gaps in relation in her life. She is forcefully made visit her parents in Goa where she meets Dr. Jahangeer (SRK) who happens to take further care of Aaliya.

The movie is a mix of Psychology and life issues.



The overall movie loses its grip in the second half as the reason of the Psychology treatment happens to be quiet loose.Yet SRK and Aaliya performed their best to keep the audience sitting in their place.

I give the movie a rating of 2.5/5 keeping in mind the performances of the actors.




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